Windies Set To Get Corporate Governance Report Mid-July

The five-member task force, led by Senator Don Wehby, which has the responsibility of producing a Corporate Governance Report, will make their submission to Cricket West Indies by mid-July, according to a press report.

The task force report, initially due in May was delayed as members requested a push back of the deadline.

Wehby told Radio Jamaica Sports that additional time was necessary to conduct more interviews with key cricket stakeholders, including former Cricket West Indies presidents Ken Gordon, Julian Hunt, and Dave Cameron.

He also said that his task force conducted interviews with all the presidents of the regional boards.

Part of task force mandate was to revisit the 2007 Patterson and Wilkins reports, and others, and make recommendations for the restructuring of the governance of the cricket regionally.

Members of the task force include Hilary Beckles, Charles Wilkin QC, entrepreneur OK Melhado and former Trinidad and West Indies vice-captain, Deryck Murray.

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