Windies Getting Back To Basics

The West Indies cricket team has a rich legacy of fast bowling and excellent fast bowling talent, especially during the early 1970’s to 1990’s which can be considered the golden era of West Indian cricket.

The region produced some of the best fast bowlers in the world, during this time and was a dominant force in world cricket to a large extent because of the quality of their bowling.

The great bowling units of this era used sustained pace, aggression, bowling in the right areas, and importantly bowling with a sort of rhythm that inspired confidence among each other.

This rhythm played a significant role in the success of these bowling units and has been severely lacking in the West Indian bowling units since the late 1990’s.

However, in the home test series of 2018, firstly against Sri Lanka and currently against Bangladesh, the bowling unit seems to have a new-found rhythm and purpose led by Shannon Gabriel and the resurgent Kemar Roach which is already having a positive impact on test matches. We will highlight how this fast bowling rhythm has benefited the team so far in 2018 and also why it is essential for this to continue.

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Edited by Robin Elliston

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