Is A ‘Yardie’ Sequel In The Making?

The 2018 British crime drama, ‘Yardie,’ directed by Idris Elba is getting props for a possible sequel. The film is based on the novel written by Jamaican-born writer Victor Headley. It was screened in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. In February 2018, the[Read More…]

Self-Love: Your Guide To A Happier You

The mindset of the average person is that self-love is simply another word for selfish. We are encouraged to sacrifice for our kids and careers, put in long hours, and put ourselves last in everything we do. Anything else is considered downright narcissistic, but is that right? The truth is[Read More…]

Bob Marley Quote

If you’re white and you’re wrong, then you’re wrong; if you’re black and you’re wrong, you’re wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green – God make no rules about color; only society makes rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now.[Read More…]