Former Cosby Star Gets Support After Bashing For Working At Trader Joe’s

Geoffrey Louis Owens, the American actor known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show is in a spot bother.

The Brooklyn born, New Yorker, is the son of former United States Congressman Major Owens.

Owens is a past student of the High School of Performing Arts. He graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1983.

He was photographed by a customer recently at a Trader Joe’s store in New Jersey bagging groceries, and all hell broke loose when the picture hit social media.

Some netizens posited the view that the picture was posted to shame the actor for his gig in bagging groceries.

However, Owens is not without support for doing an honest job as many ‘Hollywoodites’ have thrown their support behind him.

“After doing #Girfriends & a few commercials, while doing #DrakeAndJosh & right before I did #Community, I worked as an office temp in various offices to pay my bills. And I will be right back there (or on fries at McDonald’s) if acting work dries up. #TheresNoShameInHavingAJob’” Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted.

Also, Julie Berman tweeted, “Got a job as a hostess when I left General Hospital. Many didn’t understand why I’d leave #GH without another acting gig waiting for me. (If only we could all be so lucky). This is what dedication to your artistic happiness actually looks like. #actorswithdayjobs

Apart from The Cosby Show, Owens’ credits include Divorce, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Elementary, Lucifer and Blue Bloods.

He is also slated to appear in the drama Impossible Monsters later this year.

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Edited by J.C. Finch

Edited by J. C. Finch

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