Chozenn Puts Gospel Spin On Dancehall Song ‘Tuff’

Controversial gospel artiste Chozenn has remixed another secular song.

After much backlash for putting a “holy spin” on Dovey Magnum’s sexually explicit Bawl Out, he has now twisted Rygin King’s Tuff into a testimony for God.

Chozenn, in an interview with The Star newspaper, said traditional hymns are no longer working, and he will continue to tap into the dancehall culture in a bid to win more souls for Christ.

With his version of Bawl Out, Chozenn said he successfully acted as an antidote for the original version of the raunchy single.

Adding that some persons are leaving the church because it is considered boring, Chozenn said he will continue with his mission to spread the Word of God and make the gospel vibrant and fun.

He argued that when he goes into certain volatile communities to minister, he cannot sing hymns as they do not connect with people.

He said neither the Tuff remix nor Bawl Out Fi Jesus was released for sale.

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Edited by J.C. Finch

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